Free Stuff

This page is basically just here to host free site templates/themes i don't mind people using. Currently all my downloadable files are hosted on Dropbox, but if I decide to upgrade to a Neocities supporter, they'll likely move to being hosted onsite for simplicity's sake.

You don't have to ask before you use my stuff, but if you do like something and/or use it somewhere, I'd love to hear about it. Don't be shy :^)

Everything on this page is free to use and edit, but if you'd like to drop me a few pennies for my work, please consider giving me a tip via Ko-Fi or subscribing to my Patreon.

CSS/HTML Templates

Please credit me! A link back to this page is included in my themes - you're allowed to move it or remove it, and edit these sites as much as you like - just please display a link back somewhere on the site. Simple free stuff like this is how i learned to use HTML myself. Do your part in helping others to find their footing, and link back!

If you notice anything broken, email me about it so I can fix it!


A character profile template, complete with an inventory section with hover tooltips.
This could probably be used as a quirky personal bio page, too.

Live Preview


A simple static site layout with soft colours, a navigation menu on the right, and some sparkly links.

Content wraps around the float menu. Some webkit outlines/gradients to experiment with.


A simple static site layout with a float menu and flex boxes that will wrap if the browser size is changed.

Kind of a rush job but maybe someone out there will get some use out of it.