Turbulence observed. Transcription begins.
New speaker detected.
UNKNOWN-1: press the button under your console
New speaker detected.
UNKNOWN-2: what / who are you ? / are you the pilot ? I'm so sorry
UNKNOWN-1: deep breaths / no need to panic / looks like you're flying a / L W provisional V 6 point oh / so / there should be a button under the console / it'll switch on the emergency mesh / big chunky tactile thing you can't miss it
UNKNOWN-2: what / no / no no / who are you ?
UNKNOWN-1: easy now / hit that button you're leaking breathable / any injuries ?
UNKNOWN-2: no / are we encrypted ? / who are you ? / please / [silence 4] / hello ?
UNKNOWN-1: I'm unaffiliated
UNKNOWN-2: what does that mean / [silence 2] / I pressed the button / who are you ?
UNKNOWN-1: I'm unaffiliated / check the vitals support / you're an oxy species right ? / how much oh are we working with ?
UNKNOWN-2: what button is that / vitals / vitals / it says / it says 3 hours / is that how long I have ?
UNKNOWN-1: yeah / OK you're 2 hours from a murphy's / reckon you can use some of that spare hour checking in on your friend there ? / I think they blocked public / I can't get through
UNKNOWN-2: what do you mean ? / stay on the line / can you help me get there ? / to murphy ?
UNKNOWN-1: murphy's / course I can
UNKNOWN-2: [silence 9] / are you still there?
UNKNOWN-1: I'm here
UNKNOWN-2: [silence 3] / what do I have to do ?
UNKNOWN-1: well / they're hailing you / press the flashing button / should be on your left
New speaker detected.
UNKNOWN-3: hey / you just rammed me / gonna say anything or are you just gonna sit there
UNKNOWN-2: oh / I'm so sorry / I'm sorry / are you okay? / I was just / I'm not a pilot
UNKNOWN-3: [laughter] / evidently / [silence 3] / I'm fine don't worry / your ship looks like shit though / what is that a taxi / lots of damage to the hull there
UNKNOWN-1: you can get that fixed real cheap I bet
UNKNOWN-3: ugh who's that / do you have public on ?
UNKNOWN-2: um / I don't know how to turn it off / or that it was on / at all
UNKNOWN-1: y'all still want me to talk you to murphy's ?
UNKNOWN-3: no we've got it thanks / can I mag ? / I don't have thrusters
UNKNOWN-2: [silence 3] / are you talking to me ? / what's a mag ?
UNKNOWN-3: mm / I'll just mag / you might feel a thunk / can you turn public off I don't like being perceived by like / potential police
UNKNOWN-2: police ? / are you / are you police ?
UNKNOWN-1: not affiliated / if you need help while you're in this sector just call back on this frequency OK ? / you'll need to use the public channel / I'll leave you to it
UNKNOWN-3: yeah bye / [silence 3] / really sounds like police to me
UNKNOWN-2: what's a murphy's ?
Turbulence ends. Transcription ends.
Trace results...
UNKNOWN-1 trace impossible.
UNKNOWN-2 trace returns [Regina Wald L003629] [Wanted by Likewise Assembly for theft, disturbing the peace] [Likewise Provisional Visitor's Shuttle 6.0] [Coalsack, full coordinates logged]
UNKNOWN-3 trace impossible.
Report ends. Resume monitor.