Xandr Ti'Hinterland


Mylan Amalgam Arthropoda // genetics unknown




Registered citizen of Musca//Myla. Known monarch potent; fled role, planet. Whereabouts unknown. DNP order issued by Mylan mandate.

A docile and cooperative individual who responds well to simple instruction. Known as "Bug" by most offworlders simply because solitary Mylan spacefarers are scarce, though their official name listed in the Conciliatory Nominal Registry is Xandr Ti'Hinterland.

Curiously, Ti'Hinterland seems reluctant to maintain contact with other Mylan individuals, instead surrounding theirself with contacts from other species and loci. Whether this is a rejection of Mylan culture or simply a preference borne of spacefaring experience, it has been pitched that Ti'Hinterland may make a successful interstellar diplomat, however they have made themselves extremely difficult to contact on such matters.

Currently, they are known to "pilot" a single-occupant Aurelia Class Battery Shuttle, though these are not meant for solitary space travel. What Ti'Hinterland is doing with such a craft is anyone's guess, as their edits to the shuttle's registry have put it on its own private network. Myla.b's current policy allows for such modification, and authorities have respectfully agreed not to make any further attempt at tracking Ti'Hinterland's vessel. Details remain undisclosed.

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