Leslie Horcum



Technician Horcum, Leslie, terratwo, Captain of Starship Sex Ghost Inferno


Homo Sapiens


he/him, she/her, they/them, your/mum


A technician and part-time representative contact of the Terran Space Embassy, and the designated second point of contact between Sol//Terra and Apis/Musca.

During initial mishaps between the Mylan species and Homo Sapiens, Leslie Horcum proved an invaluable link in the communication chain between Terran governing bodies and the Mylan outreach body. Their bold response was, at the time, disapproved by Terran working staff, but their intervention proved to be a key factor in the ultimate cooperation of both systems.

Shabnam's team retains priority as a go-between. In addition, Leslie has offered their skills in technological handling to any intergalactic species seeking first contact with the Sol system.

It is recommended that Mylan representatives seeking a Terran contact request Shabnam Yara first. If this fails and further contacts are unhelpful, Leslie Horcum is an acceptable fallback.

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