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Similis Sapiens




Registered citizen of (and wanted by) The Likewise Assembly. Appeal for asylum currently under review.

A quiet individual of little note, Regina would not be known to Mylan authorities if not for an arrest warrant filed by the Likewise Assembly.*

Regina is a tall, stocky example of a Similis Sapiens, though she has a tendency to hunch over, thus appearing less so. She has a fine spread of white hair across her body, with the mane-like part around her head tied back into a large, unruly ponytail.

Her face is sunken and angular, with prominent canine teeth visible during speech. She is known to wear a pair of tinted glasses to hide her eyes - these have been reported to cause errors when captured by security cameras, and should be confiscated if monitoring becomes necessary. Care should be taken, as Regina's docile temperament may change drastically upon being confronted with intent to arrest.

*Due to failure by the Assembly to articulate a compelling enough reason for Mylan intervention, we have opted instead to continue spending valuable energy and resources elsewhere. Advised disregard.

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