Rhys Glass



L000023, Negotiator Glass


Similis Sapiens




Registered member and Representative of The Likewise Assembly, Rhys is one of several main points of contact for outsiders with questions.

In endeavours to understand and document more about Likewise culture, editors were put in touch with Rhys Glass, a scientist and representative from the Likewise Assembly who is "well-equipped" to answer such questions.

N. Glass's correspondences are polite, concise, and a scale more enlightening than trying to extract information from the general public. However, there are still limits to the depth of response she is permitted to give. As a direct quote from Rhys herself:

"Much of Similaris Sapiens culture and learning is considered lawfully private. However, due to the growing prestige and influence of your encyclopædia, I am permitted to give information approved by the Likewise Cultural Board. This is a lucky turn of events. I'm thrilled to be your point of contact along with Negotiator Pine."

It has been brought to our attention that editors may notice inconsistencies between the Negotiators' information and testimonials by unqualified Likewise. When in doubt, it is suggested by the Likewise Assembly that information provided by official Negotiators should be prioritised.

myla.b is still working to come to an independent understanding. Information that does not correlate will be removed from the public articles as per the Assembly's request; however all information will be retained on a closed network for future reference. The Apis/Musca system thanks the Assembly for its understanding.

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