Monarch Zxte


Mylan Amalgam Arthropoda


they/them, she/her, he/him, xe/xir


Monarch of Myla β // Greta Hive-City.

Arguably one of the more focused of Mylan monarchs, Monarch Zxte specialises in intergalactic cultural relations. It was by Zxte's mandate that the myla.b encyclopædia was formed, and though other monarchs and their workers have since had a hand in building the database, its back end is maintained mostly by Zxte's workers.

Since the idea of monarchs being "unofficial cultural leaders" was floated, Zxte has shown interest in civic development, acclimatising well to a self-imposed role of event coordinator and city planner. Zxte's signature "butterfly" architectural overhauls has made the hive-city of Greta into somewhat of a cultural hub and tourist destination, with some of the more eccentric reviews describing Greta as "a place where those of Terran disposition feel almost capable of seeing shrimp colours".

Zxte's build is notably less sturdy and defense-oriented than most monarchs post-metamorphosis, instead having resulted in an impressive Lepidoptera-type wingspan and - allegedly - a full disposal of any true sleep cycle. Rumours that Zxte can blind mammals "with majesty" are almost completely unfounded.

Myla.b, the online database authorised agents can edit
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