Likewise Assembly Stations

Similaris Sapiens or, as self-titled, Likewise have no official home planet - there is mild debate as to whether they originated from Sol // Earth/Terra, however most Likewise show little to no interest in claiming Sol as their home system over any other. The closest approximation to a homeworld, then, would be their Likewise Assembly Stations established across many systems.


A Likewise Assembly Station always follows a blueprint, meaning they are identical in layout with rare deviations. They take the form of a dockable space station, usually with airlockable hangars that allow for craft up to a standard G-Class (Goods Carrier) in size. Larger craft must park nearby and send smaller shuttles for docking purposes; this should be borne in mind for all official visitation.

As standard, the station itself normally takes the shape of a tight weave of intersecting corridors, each with a number of separate rooms and storage units leading off. From a distance, a Likewise Assembly Station looks mazelike; few official visits have been invited much deeper into a station than the first three corridors, which are reported to consist mostly of lounge rooms and reception areas.

It is known that these stations have some form of built-in hydroponics and life support systems, making them oxy-breathable and maintained at a steady 21 degrees, and able to maintain a healthy population indefinitely. However, the Likewise Assembly maintains a high level of privacy about the inner workings of their stations, and further details are unavailable.

The contents and exact layout of deeper rooms are, too, unknown to outsiders; it is rare to find a Likewise willing to speak on the subject of a station's inner business, and as such this article is missing much vital information. Likewise volunteers willing to report useful information for use on this page may get in touch with an editor at any time.


Any coverage of Likewise culture by external agents (such as the editors of myla.b) is likely at risk of inaccuracy due to inconsistency of reports from the Likewise Assembly and individual Likewise, however we feel it is important to attempt nonetheless. Readers should be aware that the information presented on this page may be due to deliberate misinformation or cultural confusion.

It is important to note that the Likewise Assembly is a term that refers to a specific organisation, in some ways akin to a government. Not every Likewise is a member of the Assembly, but every member of the Assembly is a Likewise. The Likewise Assembly was allegedly formed to handle the health, well-being, and continued development of Likewise society, however it has been met with pockets of malcontent here and there. It seems not every member of the species is content with the practices and rules of the Assembly, though the Assembly itself has been known to attest otherwise.

Higher-ranking members of the Likewise Assembly, during the rare occasions they will agree to direct communication with outsiders, usually come across as friendly, well-adjusted, and exceedingly helpful. Their pleasant temperament seems unshakeable, though this does not usually lead to the sharing of much information.

The average Likewise is also less than forthcoming - quizzing one even on something so simple as personal interests and hobbies has been likened to extracting teeth, and those individuals who have purposefully distanced themselves from the Assembly often lack the pleasant "customer service" temperament of their peers.

It is known that the Likewise Assembly's principle values are scientific advancement, species independence and self-reliance, and the right to privacy. Indeed, most members of the Likewise Assembly will be seen in clean white laboratory coats or marked white jumpsuits; it seems the whole Assembly is dedicated to some scientific cause to which outsiders are not privy. It is unclear exactly what sciences the Assembly pursues, and questioning Assembly representatives on this matter usually results in being told this is highly classified information.

The Likewise Assembly retains their right to privacy, and myla.b editors are asked to respect the fierce independence of the Likewise species by not pursuing further answers before the Assembly is ready to provide them.

The development of Likewise culture cannot be considered even partially addressed without a brief mention of Sol. It is suspected very strongly by offworlders that Likewise were an offshoot of the same evolutionary tree as Terran humans, however the Likewise Assembly and assorted Terran governments have muddied the history of the Likewise so thoroughly that it is now nigh-impossible to parse the truth from the wealth of disorganised and even forged data, with the possible exception of certain high-ranking Terran/Likewise. [CITATION NEEDED - hearsay?]

Despite the confusion of conflicting information sources, the wider intergalactic community as a whole generally considers Terran humans and Likewise to be "sibling species", to mixed levels of disapproval from both. For best interactive results, myla.b recommends exercising caution and restraint: make every attempt not to mix up which is which (as similar as they seem), and respect that Likewise will likely be offended if you draw too many comparisons - and vice versa.


Likewise technology is largely metal/silicon-based, much like Terran tech. However, due to the lack of any official homeworld upon which mining operations may be carried out, acquisition of these resources is primarily via import and trade with external sources. The constant necessity for funding these imports has become somewhat of a thorn in the side of the Likewise Assembly; it is often said that the Likewise "have everything they need except for rocks and dirt."

Likewise tech is at BASE THREE [CITATION NEEDED - B3-tier implants alone is not proof of species-universal B3] of intergalactic technological advancement standards. However, their liberal use of B3-tier technology has produced strange results in some individuals, including the usual symptoms of mental deterioration.

It is suspected that the species itself is not entirely biologically compatible with B3-tier tech, however the Likewise Assembly has released previous manifestos mentioning their intent to climb to BASE FOUR advancement. How the Assembly intends to negate or manage the risk of incompatibility is unclear.

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