The Sol system is a star system primarily known for hosting the star Sol and its capital planet Earth/Terra, home to the starfaring species Homo Sapiens.

Terran humans refer to their homeworld as Earth colloquially, though the official register lists the planet as "Terra". They are victim to the stella-centric linguistic phenomenon where a species developing before intergalactic contact knows their nearest home star as "STAR" in their colloquial bubble, despite there being a near-infinite number of stars in the universe. Terminology is thus adopted by wider intergalactic culture as a standardisation of the Terrans' native term, resulting in many older-model translators simply returning "a star". Recommended manual tweak is to assign Sol's coordinates to the nickname "SOL" instead. Translation tech released more recently has been calibrated to account for this phenomenon, and does not have this problem.

Homo Sapiens or Terran humans have since spread as widely as any other spacefaring species, but their originating system remains a hub of human activity. It is advised by myla.b that visitors familiarise themselves as much as possible with Sol culture and rules shortly before arrival into the Sol system, as human culture has a tendency to be change rapidly and unexpectedly, and human documentation is often lacking in objectivity.

Editor's Note: Perhaps it is this penchant for sudden change that lends itself to human versatility. Please maintain a healthy respect for our Sol friends and their culture, and try to write accordingly.


The human capital homeworld of Earth/Terra is situated a comfortable distance from the star Sol that allows for a lush and temperate climate, however human industrial development has damaged Earth's ecosystem into a state of emergency and efforts are still being made to stabilise it.

Offworlders are encouraged to lend their individual strength and resources towards efforts to protect, rewild, and repopulate Terra's ecosystem. However, myla.b has contacted Terran authorities and it has been made abundantly clear that no external flora or fauna should be introduced due to the risk of invasive species and food web collapse. Individuals intending to get involved with ecological stabilisation should look to the Terran authorities for further instruction.

The atmosphere is considered oxy-breathable, however the temperature and meteorological phenomenon can vary greatly from location to location, and season to season. It is advised to bring personal preservative equipment that can be donned in case of feeling overwhelmed.

Arguably one of the most important parts of Terran ecosystem is its balance of H2O, ordinarily regulated by a fairly straightforward water cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. While this occurs on many such planets, it should be noted that the biological composition of a Terran human averages at around 60% water, and most life on Terra similarly depends on it. However, Terran humans must ingest water through their mouthparts, thus a dehydrated Terran may not be treated by submersion.

Please note that most if not all of the fauna on Earth/Terra should be left to its own devices; as representatives from Terra have attested, it may be that some of the fauna comes across as "cute" to offworlders - however, a lot of Terran fauna will react by fleeing, biting, stinging, or hunting depending on the size and temperament. A Terran's house pet, however, is normally domesticated enough to be interacted with gently, and with permission.


Sol culture is hardly unified; individual humans ought to be approached on individual merit, and consulted on their personal cultural practices.

Most Terran humans live in isolated dwellings of brick (onworld) or metal-based station bunks (offworld) in solitary or close familial units, though this seems to be largely due to legacy culture and not preference. Terran humans have been known to assimilate quite happily into community dwellings, even with other species.

Terran humans are fond of surrealism, hyperbole and metaphor, which has since bled into mainstream intergalactic mannerism. For example, when a Terran human states that they are "dying", often (but not always) this means they have recently observed a joke or witnessed something amusing, and are exaggerating their amused reaction.

Taking Terrans at face value comes with its own set of social risks, however the wider assimilation of Terran mannerisms via the intergalactic network has made this less of a social hurdle in recent cycles. Terran humour was given a Nuance Humour of the Phase award in recognition of their breakout influence on pangalactic communication culture.

The development of Sol system culture cannot be covered completely without a brief mention of the Likewise. It is suspected very strongly by offworlders that Likewise were an offshoot of the same evolutionary tree as Terran humans, however the Likewise Assembly and assorted Terran governments have muddied the history of the Likewise so thoroughly that it is now nigh-impossible to parse the truth from the wealth of disorganised and even forged data, with the possible exception of certain high-ranking Terran/Likewise. [CITATION NEEDED - hearsay?]

Despite the confusion of conflicting information sources, the wider intergalactic community as a whole generally considers Terran humans and Likewise to be "sibling species", to mixed levels of disapproval from both. For best interactive results, myla.b recommends exercising caution and restraint: make every attempt not to mix up which is which (as similar as they seem), and respect that Terran humans will likely be offended if you draw too many comparisons - and vice versa.


Terran technology is largely metal/silicon-based. Ores are mined directly from the planet Earth/Terra and turned into components for use in tools, weaponry, computing, etc. Acquisition of these resources has recently been outsourced to space debris salvage operations as well as deep field offworld mining, though onworld mining continues.

Terran tech is at BASE ONE of intergalactic technological advancement standards. However, Terran adaptability has proven itself time after time, warranting the lifting of usual technological cross-tier embargos up to BASE THREE, as long as care is taken to help with acclimatisation. Mental stress may be treated similarly to intergalactic standard.

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