Conciliatory Nominal Registry

When making official contact with the greater intergalactic community, many Mylans have realised there is an unfortunate roadblock in the way of communication with other species - namely, the lack of relevant mouthparts on so many species that make it impossible for them to pronounce Mylan proper names and nouns.

The Apis/Musca system prides itself on being cooperative. As such, the Conciliatory Nominal Registry was created, allowing Mylans (and members of other species for whom pronunciation is a physical problem) to register chosen names more palatable to a wider audience.

CNR names may be used for paperwork, user registration, and identification purposes pan-galactically. For all intents and purposes, a registered CNR name may be legally used as an individual's "real" name. They are simply a way of making a concession to those who cannot pronounce (or write) one's true name.

Note: we are aware CNR names have begun to be registered for other purposes, such as a way of legally affirming gender identity in species who have been denied the opportunity elsewhere. myla.b is happy to continue providing the unexpected service, and will not be clarifying which are which.

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