Content may be disturbing to those of sensitive disposition: sickness/disease, mushrooms

Mycopoxin is an umbrella term for many variants of fungal sickness originating in the planetside ecospheres of Myla α and β of the Apis/Musca system. The sickness itself is known colloquially as mycopox by Mylan denizens, or sometimes as zombie bug syndrome or butterfly rabies by offworlders.

Mycopoxins are released as spores by various types of Mylan fungi. These spores may settle in the airways, joints, carapace breaks, or any convenient resting point in a living entity's body, and this causes a mycopox infection that will progress in stages.


First, the mycopoxin spores will spread into and slowly replace the host's softer tissues, starting from the first infection zone. Early symptoms include itching sensations and discomfort to dull pain; spread is usually not visible at first. Later symptoms include stiffness and loss of feeling in the afflicted limb.

The bloom of mycopox-induced fungal growth will eventually become visible as a "fluff" around joints or gaps in exoskeleton, and in individuals with translucent or transparent exoskeleton, will cause internal tissue to look pale and ghostly. By this point there may be some mycopoxin present in the bloodstream, causing erratic behaviour, confusion, dizziness, and irrational thought.

In late stages of infection, the host's internals will shut down and the individual will die off, but the mycopoxin will remain until the whole body has been consumed. At this point a fruiting body will often be produced, which will release its own spores.

In cases where the mycopox infection reaches or begins in the brain or neuron centre, higher brain functions will be overriden by certain base compulsions depending on the type of mycopoxin. This is due to the fungus attempting to reproduce via release of spores, which may be facilitated by forcing the host to behave in a certain way.

Common variants may induce height-seeking or crowd-seeking behaviour. Rarer variants may induce aggression or, concerningly, a "mimic" or "time loop" effect where the individual seems otherwise healthy and unaffected until it is discovered they are simply carrying out the same actions repeatedly, causing some to nickname these variants "stealth mycopox".


A Mylan citizen that resembles a giant centipede in gold jewellery lifts two legs so that an ant-like Mylan can scan its joints with a device.

Mylan healthcare has been researching and treating mycopox variants since the dawn of civilisation. Like all living things, mycopoxin fungi are constantly evolving, and thus the medicinal response is too evolving to match.

By mandate, Mycopox vaccination is available for free at every Mylan-run clinic, on-world and off-world. This usually consists of a slow-release antifungal pill that makes the body a hostile environment to most mycopoxin fungi (and many others). The exact makeup of a vaccination pill may be tailored to the location and its specific risk factors, and all of them are carefully regulated to ensure maximum coverage.

By mandate, all Mylan-licensed healthcare professionals are trained in the correct response and practices to a mycopox-infected patient. Best practice usually includes ingestion of a Mycopox vaccination tablet, and removal and incineration of the afflicted bodypart.

Mycopoxins tend to have a much slower effect on mammalian species, and cannot affect metal.

If you suspect someone you know of being infected with mycopoxins, act now and report them to a Mylan-licensed doctor.


By law a ship and its crew must have passed an intensive mycopox inspection before being allowed to leave Mylan orbit. Engaging in knowing transmission or transport of mycopoxins is punishable to the full extent of Mylan law.

COMMENT BY TERRA.338: The nonchalance! The tone of this article makes it sound more like the common cold or the flu than a deadly fungus that eats your brain.

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