Species Map

In order to better understand the wider intergalactic backdrop, it is important to understand one's fellow living thing - if not intensively, then on a level that makes cultural exchange relatively painless.

As such, myla.b has created this page dedicated to basic introductions to known/relevant species from across the stars.

Mylan Amalgam Arthropoda
Appearance Sapient arthropods spanning hundreds of thousands of specific combinational variants - 'species' used as a very loose term. Sometimes bipedal and vaguely humanoid in shape, but also just as likely to look like a giant spider. Some are also capable of metamorphosis, drastically changing their appearance between stages. A comprehensive description of them is thus difficult to put into words.
Home loci Apis/Musca
Notes Not to be confused with arthropods from Terra, which are by nature much smaller, non-sapient, and are not (to our knowledge) spacefaring.
Notable Individuals Monarch Zxte, Bug

Homo Sapiens
Appearance Sapient, upright, bipedal primates with limited hair coverage. Highly social. All of them originate from planet Terra in the Sol System, hence they are known colloquially as Terran Humans.
Home loci Terra/Sol System
Notes A limited chunk of their species' cultural development was spent inventing and reinforcing a rather rudimentary idea of a gender presentation binary based on mammalian sex characteristics. As such it is best to prompt a Terran human for their preferred pronouns, in case they're unfamiliar with the intergalactic code of conduct regarding presentational acceptance.
Notable Individuals Representative Yara, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift. EXAMPLES UNDER REVIEW: Suspected bias towards musicians

Similis Sapiens
Appearance Sapient, upright, bipedal primates that resemble Terran Humans but with more apelike features. Their intellect is often slightly more advanced than humans, and their physical prowess much more so. They sometimes refer to themselves colloquially as Likewise, and are partly governed by the Likewise Assembly, though there is notable civil unrest as a result.
Home loci Terra/Sol System, Various Space Station Colonies
Notes Due to pending relations agreements, interaction with Likewise should remain casual and on an independent basis. The Likewise Assembly will be required to share further historical information before Myla.b can agree to development of higher-level interspecies relations such as allyship or any commercial trade weighing over 12 tons per delivery.
Notable Individuals Negotiator Glass, Negotiator Pine, Regina
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