Threat Index

The Mylan Threat Index is a simplified system of reference used by the authorities of planets Myla α and β of the Apis/Musca system in order to quickly assess dangerous entities.

The Threat Index comes in three signifiers:

  • Neutralisability: How difficult is the threat to subdue/neutralise?
  • Temperament and Behaviour: How docile or aggressive is the threat? Does it behave in notable ways?
  • Damage potential: How much damage is likely to occur, if damage does occur?



Subjugation or termination of subject should be relatively straightforward. Difficulties may be more likely to arise from other signifiers.


Subject is difficult to subdue or terminate. It is advised to perform all possible checks to be completely certain before reporting the subject as subdued or terminated.


Subject is extremely difficult, or impossible, to subdue or terminate - whether this may be achieved temporarily will be relayed to response team. Recommended course of action is usually to disengage and evacuate.

Temperament and Behaviour


Subject has a clear goal or target in mind. Crisis likely stems from or is aggravated by the subject's attempts to achieve this goal or target.


Subject's temperament or behaviour is tied to or depends on another entity or multiple other entities, and this external entity should be treated as an extension of the crisis. Ex. sentient individuals with their offspring/commanding officer/social group; ex. autopiloted fleet controlled by mothership; ex. coordinated drones.




Subject is eusocial or otherwise companied in significant numbers. May refer to political support; consult crisis assessment team for specific information.


Subject's behaviour is or may be directed at the self, destructively or otherwise.


Subject lashes out with little discrimination or regard for collateral damage, and/or cannot be reasoned with. Subject likely has no known clear goal.

Damage potential


Subject can do little to no outward harm to lifeforms, environment, or response team. Crisis likely arises from a different signifier.


Subject may do a lot of harm in short bursts, but may not sustain this level of harm indefinitely. This may depend on a buffer time in between, ex. energy recovery, or situationally-specific variables such as limited ammunition or interaction with environmental factors. Engagement should be planned around these factors.


Subject is capable of causing high damage to surrounding lifeforms and environment. Engage with extreme caution and for the purposes of damage control.


Subject is in some way unknown or unclassed. Engagement is heavily discouraged. Further information unavailable by design.

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