Currently on indefinite streaming hiatus due to personal matters. Check Twitter or Discord for updates.

What's a "GHOST TRAIN" stream?

Sometimes on my Twitter I will tweet that I am doing a "Ghost Train" stream . This just means the stream is happening even though it's not scheduled!

I do these totally at random, whenever the mood takes me. If you want to keep up with this, follow my Twitter (where I announce every stream, even the unscheduled ones) and follow me on Twitch.

Why do you call it a "Ghost Train" stream?

I'm based in the UK, which means I live and work in Greenwich Mean Time. A very large number of my friends, followers, readers, and fellow artists are NOT in this timezone. At first, calling it a "ghost train" was a joke about inviting people to hop on board with my stream while it was probably spooky o'clock where they lived, and also a joke about how I wasn't expecting too many people because of the timezone difference. Now I just like the way it sounds. Choo choo!