added a small CSS animation test template to the freestuff page. hope it's commented enough to help someone, i'm still a beginner too!

added another few pages to the myla.b fake wiki, added a couple more badges to the front page. i've been busy with the heatwave and also artfight so right now it's mostly gonna be myla.b junk as i close up the month but i mean to get the rest of my site up to date.....soon. kind of need to figure out how i want to split the aesthetics between funnie scifi and legible resource stuff outside of the funnie scifi. later though

struggling with trying to mount my site virtually on my machine so that i can edit offline at liesure and still use root-relative filepaths but dang it's hard to understand. also added a few more buttons over the past couple of days - i lost track of several sites i wanted to add because my attention span is shocking, so if you've linked to me, feel free to get in touch.

about page now has a back button, sitelink badges on homepage are now sorted alphabetically. they might move to their own links page eventually if i do affiliates, but for now my focus is on getting my site up to date

put up the new about page, which also lets me know my bio template is working

updated the splash page! oh sci-fi we're really in it now

new layout! i have a lot of work to do and i'll be cleaning up the rest of the site to match soon. i'll be preserving page URLs, especially those that i think people may have linked to from other sites! this change is mostly cosmetic. (mostly.) the ship art will probably get more detailed and less boring looking whenever i can be bothered to update it

fixing up a lot of old filepath/container/inline malpractice, cleaning up extraneous CSS code and divs that don't need to be there, and trying to document better as i go. also removed babble page, though the direct links remain up for archive/linkback reasons. please forgive my mess if anything breaks, it's all fluid right now.

after a rough couple of months i've missed a couple of updates but i have the next DEIFY page in the works and i hope to update again soon. also added some new art pieces to the gallery.

a lockdown was called in the UK today due to COVID-19. a lot of things are still uncertain, but for now i'm taking it day by day and i hope to use my work and art positively.
in tiny news, i added a new free CSS/HTML character card template yesterday.

updated the gallery with a bunch of new art, and finally got around to adding social links! DEIFY also finally has a logo AND first/last page buttons!!!

added a page for my Discord server (and rules), and updated a few things on the homepage and around the site.

extremely minor updates to some text, and another Spyro fanart for the gallery!

added a fanart piece to the gallery today, and updated DEIFY on the 1st. also cleaned up slightly, but you can barely tell ;^)

put up a comic explaining why my comic still doesn't have a logo literally like 10 months in. also, DEIFY updated!

put up some art of Mega Mewtwo Y from Pokemon in the gallery!

announcement made! look to your left! ... more information on mailing list stuff whenever i'm ready to begin. if you like my work, stay tuned!

there is a new DEIFY page that went up on the first of the month! i have also added some more information to my stream schedule page, and i have an announcement in the works. stay tuned!

updated the gallery. it's much cleaner now, and features newer art!

updated DEIFY to page 8 yesterday, and today i've been working on overhauling the main site. it's still not quite done, but i'll update this section again when i'm finished. til then, please mind my mess!

updated DEIFY to page six, and added some art to the front page to tide things over til i can overhaul the personal half of the site.

doing a lot of work on the site. i might change the main site layout and keep the current style for my comic. (if you haven't checked out DEIFY yet, you should! i'm working hard!) expect a lot of changes over the next few days, and please mind my mess.

added some more stuff! i lied, i'm still bad at remembering to update here

i'm trying to be better at updating the gallery whenever i make something new, so there's more there now! new stuff will be added at the top left from now on.
i also removed the blog page since i don't update that and now the link goes to my Dreamwidth instead, since i do actually update there. you don't need an account to comment!

added another (kinda clumsy) free use layout to the free stuff page

finished the blog page after lots of css tweaking. let me know if it breaks. rearranged the menu so there's a dropdown for Personal stuff now, which is where the blog & my aboutpage went.

added some fiction to the writing page. this one is a fantasy snippet about a mage and their friend.

huge css overhaul! got rid of the messy frames and added shiny new dropdown menus in a flexy layout

added a "free stuff" page. right now it just has one thing on it and it's a site template, but it's a start. more later i guess!! i also put up a site recs page a day ago and i'll be adding to that over time.

added more art and a page for rants/thinkpieces/assorted journal-type stuff. there'll be more of that later, i'm sure. also did a little spring cleaning :^)

i've been working on the site all week and i managed to get a working gallery, RSS feeds of my social media presence, and a splash page up and running. small brain: "splash pages are outdated and annoying!" transcendent brain: "i'm putting one on my site right now immediately". i don't have a solid plan for what kind of a direction this site will take off in, but for me that's always been the appeal of personal sites since actual geocities-era so i guess that's fine. if you're reading this, feel free to connect i guess!

site created. stay tuned ;^)