running ship management system wingshield v1.1

login: GUEST

password: PASSWORD

MOTD: welcome aboard the chrysalis. keep your arms and legs inside the gravity field and don't touch the biocement repairs while they're still wet.

WARNING: unregistered fork! please reinstall windshield v62.8

system state autosave...



site is under serious reconstruction! please mind the mess

old pages are still up, just with the old css! updates coming...soon

testing hr. lorem ipsum.

don't worry, i'll try to avoid breaking any links.

everything's actually still here. you can just go to /home2 to view the old version of the site for now, which will slowly be getting brought up to date

temporary faq that isn't an faq because no one actually asked

any reason for the change?

yeah i got bored. my old one also felt kinda weirdly Normal, which aint me. also *slaps hull* this bad boy can fit so much cosmetic garbage on it

i linked to your site though?

all URLs will be preserved! the change is mostly cosmetic. mostly.

are there going to be weird in-character bits of sci-fi tat everywhere?

absolutely man. totally

why sci-fi?

  • neocities webspace feels like the wild blue yonder of fake outer space where the cool aliens and explorers are
  • sci-fi is cool
  • seeing several other people do sci-fi themes made me So Brave
  • i really liked the capillata from creatures 3

do i have to sit through the boot-up sequence every time?

nah you can click anywhere to skip it. it also won't be on every page

what's happening with your comic?

a Tumblr post by writeouswriter. it says Look, if I introduced a WIP on here excitedly and then promptly never mentioned it again, it doesn't mean I'm not working on it, it means I'm slowly rotating it in my mind like a rotisserie chicken and then went out to the grocery store to buy several other rotisserie chickens while I wait for it to cook and then slowly started rotating those rotisserie chickens and repeat

what about your old theme?

if the mood strikes, i might scrub it up into a more generic version of itself and release it for free use. it's not exactly full of the best code practices but maybe someone can get some use out of it...? no promises though

a gif of bug's face, blue and ant-like with big orange eyes. the antennae wiggle every so often.
  • refuel ship
  • fix hull
  • get the hell outta dodge

to do

  • bring the rest of the site up to date
  • starmap menu
  • overhaul:
    • gallery
    • links
  • myla.b
    • other character pages
    • misc pics
  • dragonsbayne page

Link back?

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a splodge of organic-looking orange matter pasted over the words 'Myla Logistics' to partly obscure them


Site best viewed on desktop, tested mostly on Firefox.


pixel sprite of Tentomon from Digimonpixel sprite of Heracross from Pokemonpixel sprite of Bzzit from Rayman Furcadia!
booting CHRYSALIS MK 1...