Welcome to GOODMODE. This is a personal site belonging to BUG.

Excuse the mess while I tweak/test some stuff.

Coming Soon?

let's face it, i don't know what i'm actually going to be doing on here, but here's a list of "maybe"s. also kind of a to-do list

  • free-use graphics of some kind??
  • upload my old icons? idk how i'd host those. maybe i'll upgrade. food for thought
  • comic?? that thing i've been working on? i need to do that. (LONG HAUL)
  • uhhhhh

damn look at these transformers

What is the point in being creative? Expression.

What's the point in being creative publicly? To elicit the feeling of your expression in others.

What does that mean? I am trying to connect with people.

Then, what is your purpose here? Positivity.