Things are getting better very slowly in some places, but life isn't "back to normal". Wear a mask in public. Thanks!



I'm Anders/GOODMODE, a digital artist who specialises in character art and goofing off. I also run a webcomic in my spare time that you can read for free here.

This is my personal website that I play around with in my free time. I sometimes put side projects here, and things unrelated to my art. Someday I hope to make a living from my art and personal projects, but until then, it's all for hobby's sake - though you can commission me, support me on Patreon, or tip me on Ko-Fi if you like my work and want to help me on my GRAND QUEST FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY.


this is the latest video i felt like sharing. it is not content i made, and it changes whenever i decide to change it. it was video of the day but laziness is next to godliness