Welcome to myla.b, an encyclopædia maintained by Mylan authorities.

Editors include but are not limited to: monarchs, their workers (scientists, enforcers, and intercultural specialists). Unauthorised edits may be punishable by Mylan law, resulting in fines and access restrictions.

Offworlders are encouraged to browse, but would do well to bear in mind Myla is a planet that has only recently entered the intergalactic cultural discussion. Information presented here may be biased or inaccurate depending on the editor's understanding and interpretation.

Unreality warning: this is a fictional "enyclopædia" pretending to be published by a fictional planet that does not exist. Information in these pages is written as fiction by a human from Earth, for fun.

Work on the setting and continuity is ongoing, but if you see something you like and want to play in the space, it's free real estate.

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